"Soft Prime"
business model
for space equipment

We support the development of satellite subsystems and equipment from the initial conceptual stage onwards. Through consolidated project management and project integration we proide the customer with a consistent interface from the planning stage through to the completion of the system/equipment and on-orbit demonstration. This is a service model that be believe to provide the best solutions to customer goals.

Features of
"Soft Prime"
Business Model

1. Customer perspective
Beginning with the project concept stage, Astro Terrace conducts and provides customers with feasibility and conceptual studies through repeated dialogues with the customer, users and other important stakeholders. Once development of systems and equipment has begun, our own team of engineers conducts system and equipment requirements studies, specification studies, and conceptual design. This enables us to create outputs that fully incorporate the customer's perspective and intentions.
2. Consistency
We provide consistent project management and technical support throughout the project life cycle. This enables us to build a project framework and system that achieves optimal performance in each phase, and always provides the best solutions.
3. Unique engineering team
We flexibly build the optimal framework for each phase of a project, making maximum use of the knowledge, technology, networks, etc. that we have assembled. Astro Terrace's unique team of experienced engineers can provide the best technology for the lifecycle of the project.
4. Independence
Selection of system and equipment manufacturing sites is free from any specific restrictions or influences. This creates a project structure with the most appropriate domestic and overseas space equipment manufacturers to achieve the customer's goals and enables us to manufacture reliable systems and equipment.

Workflow using
the "Soft prime"
business model

Workflow using the 'Soft prime' business model
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